Main Causes That Lead to Hearing Problems

Hearing loss is a condition which can be there in a person right from his birth or it may develop at a later stage due to some accidents or when the person becomes old. Ear drum is a very important part of a person’s ear and he may damage it if he is not careful. Ear drum is actually a membrane that protects the middle region of the ear which is commonly known as the middle ear. The middle ear in turn connects the inner ear which consists of sensitive canals. The ear drum, middle ear and the inner ear are all inter-connected. Ear drum is like a gate protecting a person’s ear. But, the problem is that the ear drum is not a thick membrane and if it is subjected to heavy pressure, it can easily break compromising the hearing ability of the person.

A person can damage his ear drum either intentionally or unintentionally. There are many ways in which a person can damage his ear drum. Some of the common ways include listening to loud music, frequent usage of earphones or headphones to listen to music, watching TV with high volume, bursting loud crackers, swimming without using ear caps, unattended ear infections, not clearing ear wax etc. Infections in throat can trouble the ear as well since the middle ear is connected to the throat. Mostly, hearing loss due to infections is temporary. But, there are cases where infections have caused permanent hearing loss. Chronic nasal issues can also impact one’s aural plus en farmacias. Ear, nose and throat are inter-linked organs.

That is why you can find specialist doctors known as ENT ear, nose, throat specialists who treat issues related to these three organs. If you ask an ENT specialist, he will tell you how these three organs are inter-linked and how problems in one of these organs can affect the other two organs as well.Some people may experience hearing problems when they travel on an aeroplane. Hearing problems due to air travel are also temporary and are linked to respiratory problems. However, sound of the aeroplane can also cause permanent damage to the ear. That is why everyone on a plane is asked to keep cotton in the ear.Employees of factories which use noisy machines carry the risk of developing hearing loss. Even drivers can develop hearing problems because they are constantly subjected to horn sound on the road.

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